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Farmers' Markets

Locally grown produce

More than 12 Farmers' Markets punctuate the wide area of the 25 towns of the Pianura Bolognese (Bologna lowland).  

All locally grown, products are seasonal, genuine and offered at lower prices by those who made them.  

An occasion for consumers to recover the relation with the land and with its products and rhythms, but also for taking environmental awareness. 

Farmers' markets have the aim of promoting a more direct contact between producer and consumer. A growing trend that goes beyond the purpose to save money: there is a need of knowing more about the food we eat and its value as an expression of local history and culture.

Farmers' Markets of Riale - Tuesday afternoon

Riale di Zola Predosa


Farmers' Markets of Castel Maggiore - every Friday

Castel Maggiore


Farmers' Markets of Minerbio - On Mondays