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Anzola dell'Emilia - The Terramara of Anzola Museo Archeologico Ambientale

Discovering the Terramara: archaelogical findings reveal a community who lived 3,300 years ago, well organized, open to trade...


Budrio - Museo archeologico e paleoambientale "Elsa Silvestri"

A collection of archaeological objects discovered within the network of the Roman land-division system...


Calderara di Reno - La casa romana di Calderara Museo Archeologico Ambientale

A dip back into the past in the everyday life of the ancient Romans with the reconstruction of an interior...


Castenaso - MUV Museo della civiltà Villanoviana

A research centre of the Villanovan civilization and an exhibition of the most ancient traces of the Etruscan civilization...


San Giovanni in Persiceto - Museo Archeologico Ambientale - The dark ages in Persiceto

History and development of the Persiceto area from the Roman era to the 16th century with numerous Roman remains...


Ozzano dell'Emilia - Area archeologica della città romana di Claterna

A mysterious lost Roman town, once located on both sides of the Via Emilia, that became as large as Bononia...

Museo Claterno Ozzano

Ozzano dell'Emilia - Museo della città romana di Claterna

The archaeological findings, come to light from the local excavations, tell the history of the Roman civitas...


San Lazzaro di Savena - Museo della preistoria Luigi Donini

The reconstruction of vertebrates of the last Ice Age with a prehistoric Iron Age hut and scenes of prehistoric life...


Sant'Agata Bolognese - Museo Archeologico Ambientale - The Bronze Age in Sant'Agata and its surrondings

A terramare community which owed its prosperity to its rich soil as well as its efficient economic and social organization...