Villa Giovannina


Where: Via Cento, 290 - 40017 San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO)

Villa Giovannina - Comune di San Giovanni in Persiceto (Photo by Alberto Tampellini)
Villa Giovannina - Comune di San Giovanni in Persiceto (Photo by Alberto Tampellini)

Near San Matteo della Decima, a few kilometres from Cento, lies Villa Giovannina, built in 1504 on a design by Sebastiano Serlio for Giovanni II Bentivoglio.


The battlements of its towers are an interesting example of the passage from medieval castle to noble residence. The land on which the villa-castle was built was given to the Bentivoglio family by the people of Persiceto as thanks for the excavation of the “Cavamento”, a water manifold which made it possible

to farm and live in vast areas of the territory towards Crevalcore.


Inside the villa, there are frescoe attributed to Guercino, carried out between 1617 and 1632. It was for this castle that the Guercino also painted the famous Aldrovandi Dog, commissioned by his friend Filippo Aldrovandi and today exhibited in museum in Pasadena, California.


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Villa Giovannina was the location for various events, including wedding receptions, gala dinners, exhibitions, performances and fashion shows.

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How to get there

How to get to San Giovanni in Persiceto

The Villa Giovannina can be reached from the centre of San Giovanni in Persiceto: from Via Guardia Nazionale, drive northwestward as far as Via Pio IX; then, turn right into Circonvallazione Liberazione and turn right again into Circonvallazione Dante. Turn left into Via Cento and drive about 10 km in the same direction. When Via Cento becomes Via Modena, turn left and drive about 1,6 km in the same direction. Turn left into Via Mulinazzo, then turn right into Via Sette Famiglie.


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