Torre di Re Enzo


Tower of King Enzo

Where: Via Goldoni - 40011 Anzola dell'Emilia (BO)

Tower of Re Enzo - Provincia di Bologna
Tower of Re Enzo - Provincia di Bologna

In Anzola, the 13th century torre di Re Enzo (Tower of King Enzo) recalls the war between the Communes and Emperor Frederick II.

The Bolognese won a significant victory in 1249 over the Imperial forces at Fossalta, in the outskirts of Modena and were able to take the Emperor’s son, Prince Enzo, prisoner. He was entrusted to the Lord of the castle of Anzola, count Michele degli Orsi.

The tower where he was held was named after him and is one of the few remains of the original castle. Subsequently Enzo was moved to the attractive palace in the centre of Bologna, which also bears his name.

It cannot have been a particularly hard imprisonment since the Lord of Anzola became a good friends with the young monarch and tried to help him escape inside a pannier.

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