Burattini di Zanella-Pasqualini


Laboratory of puppets

Where: Via Pederzana, 5 - 40055 Castenaso (BO)

Vittorio Zanella - Museo dei burattini di Budrio
Vittorio Zanella - Museo dei burattini di Budrio

The company "Teatrino dell'Es" was founded by Vittorio Zanella and Rita Pasqualini. They organize workshops for the production of puppets, marionettes and silhouettes for puppetry. 


The activity is not aimed at selling items, but the production of materials. Puppets, sets and costumes are made for the staging of performances of the company.


The ability to create handmade puppets and dolls often becomes the subject of workshops, organized at the request of institutions or schools (from kindergartens to secondary schools). The headquarters of the company can accommodate temporary courses where there is a request to attend a workshop by small groups, as has happened to companies that had decided to organize shows in the figure.


Mr. and Mrs. Zanella have an extensive collection of marionettes, puppets, sets and props. A selection of this material is displayed inside the Museo dei burattini di Budrio (Puppet Museum), located in the fifteenth century "Casina del Quattrocento" di Budrio (Via Mentana 19), with access from inside the courtyard of the museum (Via Garibaldi 29).


Puppets, marionettes and toys of the past are available on request for installations of shop windows, as has happened in the shops of  Castenaso, San Lazzaro, Brescia and Padova.


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Compagnia Teatrino dell'Es


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