Oasi La Rizza


The wet zones of the Pianura Bolognese

Where: Via Bassa degli Albanelli, 13 - 40010 Bentivoglio (BO)

Cicogna nell'Oasi La Rizza - Ph Andrea0250
Cicogna nell'Oasi La Rizza - Ph Andrea0250

North of the town, there are the ex-rice paddies of Bentivoglio, an area which, over the course of the centuries, has undergone radical changes: from swamps to paddies to more intensive cultivation and finally to the current return of the water, since the Nineties, thanks to a focused restoration of some natural environments.

Today the Ex-Rice Paddies of Bentivoglio - a.k.a. Oasi “La Rizza” - are home to rich and varied fauna, birds in particular, allowing visitors to see and feel the fascination of landscapes which were once characteristic of so much of the Bolognese plain.

After centuries of absence, White Storks have come back to nest in the Reserve.


For visitors, parts of the area are equipped with trails, which can be followed both on foot and by bicycle, and observation hides organized by the “La Rizza” multifunctional Centre. The "Capanno Piccole Ali" hide is a perfect viewpoint to spot the birds in the wood during wintertime: it is open on Monday, Tuesday and Friday (9-12) and on Saturday (10-13) and can be booked by sending an e-mail to capannopiccoleali@gmail.com.


There is also a pretty restaurant, open on weekends; nearby is a youth hostel with 8 rooms and a meeting area, a former country house that has been recently restored.


Environmental service, Bentivoglio municipality - Ph. (0039) 051 6643520
Cooperativa Arcobaleno (gestione Centro Visite) -  Ph. (0039) 051 6640076 - cell. (0039) 338 4716668

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