La Bisana


Ecological Readjustment Area

Where: Via del Bosco - 40015 Galliera (BO)

Ecological Readjustment Area La Bisana - Natura di Pianura
Ecological Readjustment Area La Bisana - Natura di Pianura

The riverside woodland "La Bisana" extends between the municipalities of Galliera and Pieve di Cento. It is a natural monument of great environmental interest: an example of wet-riparian forest of the plains, once widespread throughout the Po valley.


The "Bisana" is an area created by the accumulation of debris from the Reno river. It extends from the opposite side to the "Bosco della Panfilia". The area has been recognized by the Region as an Area of ecological balance, which is a form of protection of land, which here covers an area of 65 hectares. In this position the Reno river changes its path to the north and starts to scroll on the Adriatic Sea to the east.

Birds are the main fauna of the forest for both species present all year long such as the woodpecker, as for those passing through. Among the most important mammals: hedgehog, dormouse, mole, fox, and in the adjacent channels, numerous specimens of nutria.

The area is open free all year round, preferably to be visited during spring and autumn. It is good idea to have the appropriate equipment, as well as a good pair of binoculars.

Inside are equipped footpaths and cycling. Since autumn 2011 there are new rest areas with benches, tables and bins.


Sustenia - GIAPP (Gestione Integrata Aree Protette della Pianura)
ph. 0039 051 6871051


The entrance of the neighbouring Bosco della Panfilia is in via del Cavo, Sant'Agostino (Ferrara), Ph. 0039 0532 846470


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