Museo archeologico ambientale - The Terramara of Anzola


Archaeological environmental museum - The venue of Anzola dell'Emilia

Where: Via Emilia, 87 - 40011 Anzola dell'Emilia (BO)

Archaeological environmental museum of Anzola dell'Emilia
Archaeological environmental museum of Anzola dell'Emilia

Inaugurated in 2011, this venue of the Museo Archeologico Ambientale takes in and displays the materials found in the nearby Terramara during the extensive research conducted in the territory since the 90s. The study conducted on these finds makes it possible to compare the Anzola settlement and its community with the European situation during the Bronze Age, as well as with the Mediterranean and Near East ones.

The Emilian area was, in fact, one of the most densely populated in Europe between the 16th and 12th centuries BC (Middle and Late Bronze Age). The settlement was just the so-called typical "terramara" ("marl"): a square  village, surrounded by a moat. These settlements existed in large numbers (over 250 sites) in the central Po valley. The marl in Anzola dell'Emilia falls fully into this category.

The archaeological and environmental surveys have enabled us to reconstruct the events and characteristics of a core settlement: a community dating back to 3,300 years ago, very well organized, open to trade and commerce.

The Museum includes a suggestive didactic room that recreates the inside of a "terramara" hut with drawings and copies of objects and furniture.

The museum is one of the five venues of the Archaelogical environmental museum, the others being:


Timetable: Saturday 10am-12pm and Sunday 4pm-6pm (closed from July to August, Christmas and Easter Holidays). From Monday to Friday is possible to have access by appointment. Guided tours and didactic activities can be arranged by contacting the Museum.

Entrance: free entry

Information an reservation: Office (Monday to Friday 9am-4pm)

Ph. 0039 051 6871757



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Opening times:
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