Area archeologica della città Romana di Claterna


Archaelogical area of the Roman town of Claterna

Where: Via Emilia - 40064 Ozzano dell'Emilia (BO)

Forum of Claterna - Associazione Civitas Claterna
Forum of Claterna - Associazione Civitas Claterna

The Roman town of Claterna was situated in Ozzano dell’Emilia between the hamlet of Maggio (3 kms far from Ozzano dell’Emilia) and the Quaderna river.


After its foundation in the first half of the 2 nd century BC, Claterna became as extended as Bononia (Bologna) and Forum Cornelii (Imola) till it disappeared mysteriously around the 6 th century.


Excavations began in 1981 to bring to light objects of great archaeological interest, such as streets, houses, drainage system, inscriptions and ornaments.


The remains of a domus, a patrician Roman house dating back to the Imperial era, are particularly interesting: it had mosaic flooring with refined geometric decorations or vegetable motifs.


Visitors can also see the crossing point between the Via Emilia and the “cardo massimo”, a north-south oriented street typical of Roman cities, as well as the floors of an ancient workshop.


The Associazione Civitas Claterna is a group of locals who dedicate to the promotion of the Roman city of Claterna as well as its archaeological and historical heritage. So Civitas Claterna arranges periodically guided tours, both to the museum (Scoprire Claterna) and to the archaeological site (Claterna si rivela - Revealing Claterna).


Non-experts people may also take part in the excavations under request.


Admission is free by previous booking to the Associazione Civitas Claterna

Ph. 0039 347 7597112.


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