Teatro Consorziale - Meeting room


Where: Via Garibaldi, 35 - 40054 Budrio (BO)

Teatro Consorziale - Provincia di Bologna
Teatro Consorziale - Provincia di Bologna

The Teatro Consorziale of Budrio, built in 1672 by Paolo Sgarzi, a rich native man, became property of the local council in  1802. After the Napolenic dominion, the theatre passed into the hands of the "Consorzio dei Partecipanti" (a form of labourers' cooperative), from which its current name derives.

The theatre provides 2 meeting rooms, with a maximun capacity in the largest room of 500 seats.

Info and facilities

Since December 2018, the Theatre has been temporarily closed.

Ph. +39 051 6928244

Fax +39 051 801300



Managing director: Giordano Cola
Mice contact: Giordano Cola
Number of meeting rooms: 2
Total capacity: 600

Capacity of the major hall: 500

Opening period: from October to June




Sound amplification


Internet access
Standard, ISDN and ADSL phone lines 



How to get there

Last update: 09-09-2019