Centro sportivo Funo


Funo's sports centre

Where: Via Nuova, 27/2 - 40050 Argelato (BO)

Funo's sports centre
Funo's sports centre

In the hamlet of Funo, 7,7 kilometres from Argelato, the sports centre is a municipal property under management of the association "Polisportiva Funo".


It consists of a pre-field for soccer practice, a soccer field, two covered tennis courts, two outdoor field for soccer and tennis and an uncovered multipurpose platform for roller skating, volleyball and basketball.


The centre is open all year round in the afternoon and evening. Lessons and activities are planned by the company at the beginning of each sports season  (in September/October).


Person in charge:

Anna Alemanni (Presidente) Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Polisportiva Funo
Tel 051/863304 - mail: funopolisportiva@gmail.com



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Last update: 02-09-2019