Ozzano dell'Emilia

Fountain of San Pietro - Comune di Ozzano dell'Emilia
Fountain of San Pietro - Comune di Ozzano dell'Emilia

The ancient name Ulgianum comes from Uliganum (uliginous), meaning moist land because of the presence in this area of natural humus.


In ancient times it was the site of the Roman town of Claterna , whose name is still recalled by the nearby River Quaderna.

In the foothills above the area of Maggio, in the borough of San Pietro , there is the lovely Torre (tower) which was once part of the walls of a castle built in medieval times to defend the Via Emilia.

In the area of San Cristoforo stands Palazzo Galvani, the site of numerous electrical experiments in the 18th century by the Bolognese scientist Luigi Galvani, carried out on the frogs he bred here.

Also of great interest is the small local church dedicated to Sant'Andrea, containing the remains of the Blessed Lucia of Settefonti. This is the name of the historical character, Badessa (Mother Superior) Lucia, venerated by the Order of the Camaldolesi as the founder of the Order's female branch, and also recalled in the name of the Park of Bolognese Gypsums and the Abbadessa Gullies .

In Ciagnano, there is a truly spectacular view of the "calanchi" (gullies) of the Passo della Badessa.

Along the "Stradelli Guelfi", quiet roads running parallel to the Via Emilia which used to connect castles, churches and noble residences from Bologna all the way to Romagna, stands the neo-classical Villa Angelica, today the seat of the homonymous herbal produce Institute.

Not far away, there is the airstrip of the Aerdelta society, which explains the occasional circling over the plains of gliders and small planes. In this area, there is also the National Institute of Wild Fauna.

It is also worth noting the Church of Santa Maria della Quaderna, a 16th-century building, containing a valuable nativity scene, the Natività  del Somacchini.

In Ozzano, there is the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Bologna linked to the National Institute of Wild Fauna, the Museum of Domestic Animal Anatomy, the Collection of Antique Surgical Instrument and the Ercolani Museum of Pathological Anatomy and Veterinary Teratology.

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Distance from Bologna:
12 Km.
24/366 m.
13.596 (updated January 1st 2016)
Market day:
Patron Saint:
San Cristoforo (July 25th)
Ponte Rizzoli, Maggio and Mercatale
Recurring events

Ozzano Carnival: end of January/beginning of January.

Festival of the Badessa, street market with music and various shows: May.
Fridays of June, shows, music, gastronomy, evening markets.
Festival of the Centonara, antique fair, and White Night: 2nd Sunday of July
Tortellone Festival: from the 14th to the 24th July
August with us, gastronomy, evening shows: August:
Festival of San Simone, Flavours and Savours from the hills, at Mercatale: 2nd week end of September.


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