Valle La Comune Natural Reserve


Wet zones of the Pianura Bolognese

Where: Via Valle - 40051 Malalbergo (BO)

Spatole - E - R Ambiente
Spatole - E - R Ambiente

The countryside here is very similar to that of the woods of the ancient plains of the Po Valley. Small swamps, of various depths, full of reed-beds, alternate with strips of dry land with poplars, illows, elms and English oaks. Moreover, in the pond behind the guard’s house on the estate of La Comune, there are lotus flowers, a rare example in the Bolognese territory. Herons nest among these reeds and trees.

There are numerous “inhabitants” in these lands: among the many species of birds, you can find wild ducks, garganeys, kingfishers, egrets, stilt-plovers, storks, owls and marsh harriers. In recent years there has also been a very welcome return: spoonbills, similar to storks but with particular bills, which had been missing for over thirty years.

For several days a year, La Comune also hosts a black stork which stops here to rest and feed during its migration.


Private property. Accessible only by prior arrangement with the owners.

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Monday to Saturday 8.30am - 12.30pm
Thursday  8.30am - 5.45pm

Closed on: Sundays


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