History of maccheroni al pettine


Typical Pieve's pasta dish

Making of maccheroni al pettine - Pro loco di Pieve di Cento
Making of maccheroni al pettine - Pro loco di Pieve di Cento

Fresh hand made pasta. Like other typical Pieve recipes, the "maccheroni al pettine" are  simple dishes, realized with natural ingredients such as flour, water and eggs.


The maccheroni al pettine are made from hand-rolled pastry. You make squares of the pastry and scroll them on a stick after having pressed them on a ''comb'' (tool of the old frame once used by housewives for weaving) in order to give them the typical striping.


Today this dish is still on the tables or protagonists of country fairs, like the "Maccheroni al pettine" festival, scheduled in July, where you can taste it in several variants. The Pro loco (Pro site) association that organize the event suggests as suitable topping  the ragù sauce (traditional meat sauce with or without addition of peas); smoked ham sauce (with smoked ham, cougette and tomatoes); the pievese sauce (a ragù meat sauce based on pork sausage).

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