A biscuit with the shape of the famous musical instrument of Budrio

Ocarina-shaped biscuits - Forno Bosi
Ocarina-shaped biscuits - Forno Bosi

Biscuit in the shape of the ocarina, the ancient popular musical instrument from Budrio.


This bakery product is recent. The creator of the cake is Vincenzo Bosi, from the Bosi's bakery founded by his father Giorgio. In the late 90s, Vincenzo got the idea to produce something related to the territory. He did make a mold and now the baker produces the biscuits every day. The cookies are sold either in bulk or packaged in bags with the logo of the ocarina.


The ingredients of the biscuits are wheat flour, sugar, eggs and butter.  The decoration of the surface varies from a simple brushing of egg, icing sugar, granulated sugar or chocolate chips.


On festive occasions the donut-ocarina is supplied: a cake of about a pound, made with a mixture of sponge cake enriched with yogurt.


You can purchase the ocarina-biscuits at Forno Bosi, Via Cocchi 4 - 40054 Budrio (BO), ph. 0039 051 802651.

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