Torta di tagliatelline


Typical cake of Molinella

The "Tagliatelline" cake - Comune di Molinella
The "Tagliatelline" cake - Comune di Molinella

The recipe for the ''Tagliatelline'' cake , a typical Christmas cake of Molinellese tradition, is drawn from the Production disciplinary of products with De.C.O. (Denominazione Comunale di Origine, that is to say Municipal designation of origin) trademark.



  • soft wheat flour
  • fresh eggs
  • refined sugar
  • butter
  • almonds
  • bitter almond liqueur
  • anise


Mix soft wheat flour with fresh whole eggs (albumen and yolk), refined sugar and butter without adding water. Roll out the dough into the pan greased with butter. Mix soft wheat flour and whole eggs separately and roll the dough to a thin layer, then cut into thin sheets of pastry (tagliatelline) and leave to stand. Peel almonds, mince finely and mix with refined sugar. Arrange a layer of tagliatelline in the pan, then smooth over a layer of almonds and refined sugar. Cover the cake with a layer of tagliatelline and butter, then heat in a moderate oven (410° F) for approximately half an hour. Remove from the oven, leave to cool and sprinkle with bitter almond liqueur and anise.

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