Gnocchi di patate


Potatoes dumplings

Potatoes from Bologna (Paolo Barone)
Potatoes from Bologna (Paolo Barone)

Gnocchi are a typical kind of Italian pasta: they are dumplings made of balls of dough based on potatoes and a bit of flour.


In Budrio, land suited to the cultivation of potato, gnocchi are put on the menu on occasion of all events and festivals edited by the local association Pro loco.


The homemade recipe that follows is provided by the vice president of the Pro Loco association, Leda Carisi, who runs the kitchens set up for events Agribù (autumn) and Primaveranda (in spring):



1 kg Bologna's potatoes

300 gr  wheat flour (vary depending on humidity of potatoes used)

1 egg

1 pinch of salt 



The potatoes must be washed and boiled until the pulp becomes soft. Once cooked, the potato must be squeezed and the pulp should be dropped into the flour. The mixture is left to cool, but not completely. Then you add the egg and mix. With the mixture you need to do small  rolls of dough to be cut into pieces. Each piece must be passed on the back of a fork, so as to give the typical rifling. The gnocchi are cooked a few minutes in boiling water and you must drain them as soon as the dough emerges on the surface of the water. 

The sauce can vary from meat to tomato.

In Budrio, in the occasion of the festivals, the "gnocchi" are  served with a sauce of vegetable and cheese in spring, while in autumn they enriche with the flavour of the seasonal mushrooms and black truffle.

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