Cocomero e meloni rivisitati


Traditional country flavours reinvented in new recipes

"Cucombra", Melons and watermelons festival - Comitato di San Matteo della Decima
"Cucombra", Melons and watermelons festival - Comitato di San Matteo della Decima

The traditional watermelons from San Matteo della Decima and the melons from the Persicetana's area are the stars of the summer country festival called Sagra del cocomero e melone or Sagra della Cucombra, which is organized in San Matteo della Decima between June and July.


Here there are some recipes collected by the organizing committee:


Red fruit salad
· 1 slice of watermelon
· 300 grams of raspberries
· 300 grams of red currants

You take a slice of watermelon and cut the flesh into cubes removing the seeds. Then you wash the raspberries and you shell the red currants. Put in a bowl the three fruits and season them with lemon jiuce, a small glass of brandy and two spoons of sugar dissolved in half a glass of white dry wine. You let it to soak for a couple of hours in the fridge. Serve the salad in bowls garnished with whipped cream and a sprig of mint.


Melons and watermelons


·  1 melon

·  2 slice of watermelons

·  sugar

·  cognac


Cut in half the melons and derive many small balls from the pulp. Cut a watermelon and derive other small balls from its red pulp. Put all the balls inside the cup that is let from the stripped melon, add sugar and cognac as you like. Keep it in the fridge and serve it very cold.


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