Fishing points accessible to disables on the canale Lorgana


Where: Ponte Morgone - 40062 Molinella (BO)

Postazione disabili Canale Lorgana
Postazione disabili Canale Lorgana

In the hamlet of Marmorta of Molinella, in the Lorgana canal, where you can find the Morgone bridge, there are two pitches that are also accessible by people with disabilities from the parking area, where they are connected by suitable slide ramps.


There are four points overlooking the canal about ten metres away from each other, a distance that is ideal for fishermen.

The structure provides the opportunity for disabled fishermen to fish freely, but also to participate fully in fishermen's contests.

The structure - opened all the year round - is realized by the Consorzio della bonifica renana.


Last update: 05-09-2019