False Memorie


Nunzio Paci's solo exhibition

Nunzio Paci's work: Cranial floral stenosis
Nunzio Paci's work: Cranial floral stenosis

Where: Casa Frabboni Museum, Via Giacomo Matteotti, 169 - San Pietro in Casale (BO)San Pietro in Casale (BO)

When: from April 9 to May 29 2022

Realised within the ART CITY Bologna 2022 on the occasion of ARTEFIERA, the Museo Casa Frabboni in San Pietro in Casale hosts the solo exhibition False Memorie [False Memories], an important insight into the current artistic practice of Nunzio Paci (Bentivoglio, 1977), an artist who expresses himself mainly through painting and drawing. His works have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in private galleries and institutional spaces around the world, from New York to Manila, from Melbourne to Los Angeles.

False Memorie provides an expanded perspective on the artist's "anatomical" research, combining paintings, drawings and radiographic works, and is the first of three exhibitions in which Nunzio Paci's works will take part in a widespread exhibition, in as many locations in the city of Bologna, dedicated to the figure of Luigi Calori (an anatomist born in San Pietro in Casale in 1807). Paci continues his analysis of the body and anatomical structure, searching for the correlation between the human component and the natural context that surrounds it.

The title refers, on the one hand, to Calori's texts that he gave to young doctors who needed to "brush up" their anatomy studies. On the other hand, false memory or false recollection, in psychology, represents a distorted recollection of a pre-existing memory or an event that never happened. The false memory formed in this way is vivid and authentic, similar to normal memories, and will be experienced by the subject as true. The artist's intention is to provide a "distorted" version of scientific data, creating an imagery in which the anatomical representation of the body overlaps with its "false" visual narration, leaving the observer with the doubt that these subjects really existed.

Exhibition opening: Saturday 9 April at 4 p.m.


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