Centro Ippico La Fornace


La Fornace equestrian center

Where: Via Fornace,3 - 40054  Budrio (BO)

Centro Ippico La Fornace - Budrio
Centro Ippico La Fornace - Budrio

The equestrian center La fornace is a place where to ride and enjoy the company of horses. It includes indoor and outdoor riding areas and paddocks, and hosts riding school for kids, summer camps for children and therapeutic horseback riding for people who have disabilities.


The facility is located in the open countryside, 3km from Budrio, and aims to spread the equestrian culture with educational, recreational and sport purpose.


Through the passion and the experience of the instructors, the pupils can learn not only the English-style horse riding tecnique, but also how to take care, attend and look after the wellbeing of the horse.


Furthermore, the center organizes non-competitive races with fixed or mobile obstacles.


Ph. Davide 348 8702998 - Cesira 347 3220790
Timetable: Tue-Sun, 8.30am-7pm

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Last update: 05-01-2017