Bottega del Legno della famiglia Rapparini


Dove: Via Garibaldi, 37  - 40054  Budrio (BO)


Wood workshop of the Rapparini Family

Bottega del legno della famiglia Rapparini
Bottega del legno della famiglia Rapparini

The wood workshop of the Rapparini family permanently welcomes the donation made by Nadia in memory of her father Adriano Rapparini. The research on the history of the Rapparini family, on carpentry and craftsmanship was entrusted to Leonardo Arrighi, editor of the publication "The wood workshop of the Rapparini family - Carpenters in La Motta since the mid-1800s". The renovation and preparation of the exhibition space required the intervention of the architect Maria Cinzia Chiodini. The artisan adventure, over 150 years long, of the Rapparini family allows us to deal with the changes that have involved the society of Budrio, capable of embodying the typical evolution of the whole of Italy. Squares, planes, raffietti, gavoli, mallets, files, gouges, brushes, saws, clamps and much more, all to make wagon wheels, vats and barrels, doors and windows and even winches to lift religious statues. An all-round universe that revolves around the large workbench of the Rapparini carpenters' workshop in La Motta di Vedrana di Budrio. Today this small world, closely linked for over a century to the economy of the countryside and the life of the people, is located in a room in the historic center of Budrio. Why? Of course, because the carpentry, handed down from generation to generation from the Rapparini to Ottorino, the last of the trade, is no longer there in La Motta di Vedrana. That peasant world to which its production was linked has been overtaken by mechanization and industry. Wooden wheels are no longer made, not even barrels and vats for wine, replaced today by steel containers. Society has progressed, and the tools of the Rapparini testify the existence of a simple civilization, linked to the rhythms of nature, the use of ancient techniques and the use of biodegradable natural materials that have now disappeared, outdated: a vision of life stories and of trades that no longer exist. This creates a place of remembrance that educates in the dignity of work, commitment, effort, social responsibility. This is the true and authentic meaning of a new museum space: the opportunity for adults of course, but above all for young people and children to understand the roots of our society and the production reality from which we come


Opening times: from h 10,30am -12,30pm - from 2pm to 5pm 
Tariffe: free entrance under reservation on previous Friday h 1pm

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