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Carnevale Ozzanese (Carnival in Ozzano)


44th edition

Where:  Palazzo dello sport, v.le II Giugno, 3, Ozzano dell'Emilia (BO)

When: January 27, 2019


Parade of allegorical floats and masked people. Best masks contests


Ozzano dell'Emilia has a lonf tradition in Carnivals, as this edition is the 44th. Long waited event, it traditionally starts the series of parties linked to the Carnival in the Bolognese area, due to the fact it usually is the first in temporal order to take place. The programme articulates in reference to a given theme, which varies each year: floats and masks change with it. Best masks will receive - both individual and collective ones - will be awarded a prize. A special feature of the Carnival is the possibility for children to get on their favourite float.

Info sull'evento

Timetable: from 2 pm
Info: Pro Loco Ozzano Emilia
Ph. 0039 0514123316

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Last update: 07-01-2019

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