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"Piopp-Sicle: gelati a traforo su stecco" exhibition

Exhibition's poster
Exhibition's poster

Where: Via Emilia, 45, 40011, Anzola dell'Emilia, (BO)

When: 22/09-22/10/2018


45 planks of wood give birth to a new artistic interpretation of the traditional stick ice-cream, inspired by three different fantasy worlds: superheroes, Muppet Show and Super Mario Bros.

The exhibition is scheduled to open on saturday, September 22 at 11am, just in time to celebrate the 6th Gelato Museum Birthday.
The artist Carlo Cazzaniga, a.k.a. CUT, will set his work in the Museum for this very occasion; he will tell and describe all the steps of his craftmanship that lie behind his wood artworks. Three of which will remain as part of the permanent collection of the Gelato Museum. 

A tasting of stick ice-creams is scheduled at the end of the vernissage. 



Info sull'evento

Time: opening Saturday September 22 / to see the time table, please visit:
Entrance: free admission
Organization: Gelato Museum Carpigiani
Telephone: 0039 051 6505306

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Last update: 24-09-2018

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