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Emilio Scanavino, La Fessura (1968)
Emilio Scanavino, La Fessura (1968)

Where: Via Rusticana A/1, Pieve di Cento, 40066, (BO)

When: 6/10/2018-13/01/2018



50 years after 1968, the legendary year of rebellion and provocation by definition, this exhibition aims to underline the multitude of voices which, both alone and gathered in a group, has contributed to the interest of that artistic period.


In everybody’s imagery, Sixties’ international art is about experimentation and reaction to the past., but a fact remains undoubtable: not every break with the cultural inheritance has been so radical. There have been, of course, fundamental artistic phaenomenona that everybody can recall, but next to this a lot of other “micro-phaenomena” emerged and had their significance in that context.


Therefore, this exhibition enables the audience to understand that in those years there was a juxtaposition of very different research strands, even conservative in some occasion.


Through a recognition in its wide collection, MAGI’900 Museum shows and relates all the art works of that mythical decade, without the fear to bring some contradictions to surface.


Events, conferences and seminars focused on culture and economy will be held during the period of the exhibition.



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Timetable: Tuesday – Sunday | from 10am to 6pm
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Telephone: 0039 051 6861545

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Address: Piazza Andrea Costa 17 - 40066 Pieve di Cento (BO)

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