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Guernica, icona di Pace

Guernica - Pablo Picasso
Guernica - Pablo Picasso

Guernica: a peace icon

Where: Museo MAGI, Via Rusticana A/1 - 40066 Pieve di Cento (BO)

When: January 14-February 28, 2018



After the prestigious preview hosted by the Italian Senate Palace in Rome, the Art Museum MAGI '900 in Pieve di Cento is ready to welcome the exhibition "Guernica: a peace icon". It is an extraordinary set-up dedicated to the cartoon representing the Picasso masterpiece on which was based the famous tapestry replica currently hung at the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York.


Considered one of the most symbolic paintings of the Twentieth Century, Guernica was created by Pablo Picasso in 1937 to draw attention to the dramatic bombing of a Basque village by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italian warplanes during the Spanish Civil War. The artwork still strikes for its artistic intensity, the strong message against the horror of the war and the importance of democracy and freedom.


The exhibition in Pieve di Cento is a special occasion to get close to the moving iconography of the huge painting, that was redrawn by Picasso on a cartoon of similar size in 1955 in order to let the artist Jacqueline de la Baume Dürrbach reproduce it in the well-known tapestry. The cartoon, property of the Dürrbach family, is displayed for the first time in Italy after the exhibitions of Prague (2011-12), São Paulo (2014) and Wròclaw (2014).


The exhibition is curated by Serena Baccaglini.


Info sull'evento

Timetable: Tue – Sun 10.00AM - 6PM. Ticket office closes at 5PM
Entrance: Temporary exhibition: Euro 7,00. Groups (more than 10 people): 5 euros

Organization: MAGI’900 – Museo delle eccellenze artistiche e storiche
Info: MAGI’900 – Museo delle eccellenze artistiche e storiche
Tel. 0039 051 6861545

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