Ciclovia lungo i canali di Reno e Navile


Biking along the canals from Casalecchio to Castel Maggiore

Where: from Casalecchio di Reno to Castel Maggiore

Bike path along the Reno and the Navile canals - Consulta della Bicicletta di Bologna
Bike path along the Reno and the Navile canals - Consulta della Bicicletta di Bologna

A bike path, also walkable, that connects Casalecchio di Reno with Castel Maggiore, flanking the Bolognese waterways, in particular the Reno and the Navile canals.


The itinerary begins from a symbolic place for the Bolognese waterways: the historic Sluice of Casalecchio, the Europe's oldest work of hydraulic engineering which is still in function in a steady way. From the Guard's House of the sluice, the itinerary cross the Sluice's Park (Parco Talon) and reaches the Reno Canal, running along it in the direction of Bologna.


Around the monumental cemetery "Certosa" the Reno canal disappears, continuing underground. At this point the cycling route goes along the bike lane in via Sabotino and around the Bologna "viali" (viale Vicini and viale Silvani) until it reaches via Bovi Campeggi.


Halfway along via Bovi Campeggi, before the intersection with via Zanardi, there's the "Sostegno della Bova", where the confluence between the Cavaticcio Canal and the Aposa-Moline Canal generates the Navile Canal. At this point the bike path proceeds along the Navile Canal and becomes the Ciclovia del Navile , passing under a bridge and proceeding along a dirt road that hits the Villa Angeletti Park and some important "sostegni" (locks) of the river: Battiferro, Torreggiani, Landi, Grassi and di Corticella.


At this point the bike path passes the Corticella's bridge, enters the Castel Maggiore municipal area and continues towards Bentivoglio and Malalbergo along the Ciclovia del Navile. For further informations on this itinerary see >  Ciclovia del Navile .


Itinerary: Sluice Guard's house (Casalecchio di Reno) - Casa del ghiaccio - Ex Filanda - Villa Serena - Certosa Monumental Cemetery - Villa Angeletti Park - Sostegno del Battiferro - Ponte della Bionda - Ponte di Corticella - Castel Maggiore 
Lenght: 15 km
Elevation gain: soft
Duration: 1,30 h ca
Level: easy

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