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I Porci Comodi

I porci comodi - reenactment of the traditional pig meat processing
I porci comodi - reenactment of the traditional pig meat processing

reenactment of the traditional pig meat processing

Where: Via Sammarina, 35, loc. San Marino - 40010 Bentivoglio (BO)

Where: November 25, 2018



In the park of Villa Smeraldi and inside the Museum of the Rural Culture of Bentivoglio takes place the traditional "invstîdura dal ninén", namely the "pig investiture", meaning the stuffing of pork meat into the pork bladder, then tied with a twine: a custom of the past that was held in the yard of every country house. By extension the word refers to the day of processing of cured and fresh pork meats from the pork just slaughtered. 


The tradition finds its roots in the winter customs of the Bolognese countryside. Every year the farm families used to breed one or more pigs (ninén in the local dialect) to provide for their needs. Three months before Christmas began the fattening phase, in order to have pigs with the adequate weight to be slaughtered. The families that bred more than one pig used to slaughter the biggest for Christmas, keeping the others for January and February.


The reenactment of this real-life moment of the Bolognese countryside, realized in collaboration with the association "Gruppo della Stadura", gives the opportunity to discover the traditions of the past through the taste of the genuine flavours of the old times, including a lunch with pork-based menu and a snack with rustic spit, roasted on the brazier.



The event also offers a free guided tour of the Museum of the Rural Culture, located inside Villa Smeraldi, one of the most important in the area.





  • 10am: the butcher processes the meat according to the traditional technique (invstîdura), separating the parts to be eaten soon from the ones used for the preparation of the sausages and the pork rinds for winter time


  • 12,30pm: pork-based lunch inside Villa Smeraldi. The menu includes corn polenta with meat sauce and sausage, fegatelli (liver), dessert. Drinks included. 
    Fixed price: 20€
    On reservation only - call Carmen 0039 051 891051 (during meal hours)


  • 3pm: guided tour to the Museum. In the park the rustic spits are put on the braziers for a tasty snack.
Info sull'evento

Timetable: from 10am
Entrance: events are free; the lunch has a fixed price menu: 20€
Organization: Gruppo della Stadura, Museo della Civiltà Contadina - Villa Smeraldi
Info: Museo della Civiltà Contadina
Ph. 0039 051891050 

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