Festa della Semina - Open Day del gusto


The fruits of the autumn

Open day del gusto - the pasta maker
Open day del gusto - the pasta maker

Where: Museo della civiltà contadina, Via Sammarina 35 - 40010 Bentivoglio (BO)

When: October 27, 2019

On Sunday October 27 the Museum of the Rural Culture of Bentivoglio hosts an event dedicated to the fruits of the autumn of the Bolognese countryside.

Set among the suggestive Villa Smeraldi, where the Museum is located, and its beautiful park, the Open Day will celebrate the genuine and traditional flavours of the local vegetables of the season, like pumpkins, medlars, jujubes and pears, with a special consideration for the "ancient fruits", namely the wide variety of fruits forgotten by the intensive farming, cultivated in the Museum's own orchard (the Pomario).

The history and the traditions of each fruit variety will be narrated by the local producers in an exhibition market including tastings and trade.

The event also features workshops for children and adults, exhibitions and shows.

Info sull'evento

Timetable: 10AM - 7PM
Entrance: free entry
Organization: Museo della civiltà contadina, Unione Reno Galliera and Orizzonti di Pianura association
Info: Museo della civiltà contadina
Ph. 0039 051 891050

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