Alfonso Rubbiani

Alfonso Rubbiani
Alfonso Rubbiani

Eclectic character  of catholic education, politician and coordinator of restoration of very relevant building in Bologna and in the Bolognese plain. He was born in Bologna on October 3, 1848 and he died in Bologna on September 26, 1913.


Among his works in Bentivoglio there is the castle Castello di Ponte Poledrano. In 1889 the new owner, Carlo Alberto Pizzardi, gave to Rubbiani the assignment for the restoration of the castle commissioned by Giovanni II from 1889 to 1897. Rubbiani rebuilt the collapsed wing, he reconstructed the crenellated walls and he divided the rooms according to the old maps. He also invented many details, such as the lunette of access and the staircases that leads to the main floor from the courtyard. He contributed also to the building of Palazzo Rosso (red palace), commissioned by Carlo Albero Pizzardi in 1897, one of the best known example of Bolognese Liberty style.


In Budrio  Rubbiani designed the decoration and the furnishings of the Council Hall of the Municipal palace, he became alderman in 1879 and he was city councilor from 1879 to 1888. In 1882 he was involved by Francesco Cavazza in the restoration of Castello di San Martino in Soverzano, near Minerbio, together with the the architect Tito Azzolini.


In 1867, together with Giovanni Acquaderni and Mario Fani, he founded the political catholic group Società della Gioventù cattolica italiana, which will become Azione cattolica (catholic movement). In 1886 together with the architect Azzolini he took part in the rebuilding of the palace Palazzo dei Capitani della Montagna in Vergato. In 1898 he founded Aemilia Ars , an artistic movement following the example of the Arts and crafts movement by William Morris, producing everyday objects of refined execution (laces, furnishings, jewels, printing).


The current image of the Bologna's historical centre is due in large part to Rubbiani. The restoration of several buildings are his work; among them there are Palazzi dei Notai (1906), Palazzo della Mercanzia (1889-1899), the church of San Francesco (1886), the complex of palazzo del Podestà and Re Enzo (1908-1912).

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