Festa del maiale


Butchery tradition feast

Festa del maiale
Festa del maiale

Where: San Gabriele di Baricella - 40052 Baricella (BO)

When: January 26, 2020

A feast dedicated to pork in collaboration with the local pork butchers. 

The event takes place in the village of San Gabriele - 4.3 km from Baricella - starting from 7 in the morning with the meat processing. At 8 breakfast with eggs and fresh bacon. Lunch is served from 12pm at the food stall and includes main courses of the Bolognese tradition, made with fresh pasta, and mixed grill of freshly-processed meat.


At 2pm is possible to attend to the preparation of ciccioli (pig fat) and coppa (cold cut made from the dry-cured neck muscle of pork). During the afternoon music and snack made of "crescentine" (fried leavened dough) with still lukewarm coppa.

There's the possibility to buy the pork meat products under previous reservation (333 7316783 - anche whatsapp). 

The visit in San Gabriele could be an occasion, if the weather is nice, to take a walk along the riverside of the Reno river. At Passo Segni, 3 km further the place where Savena canal flows into Reno, one can pass the "Bailey bridge", made of iron with abutments in stone and cement. The bridge dates back after the Second World War and was designed by Province of Bologna to be inaugurated in 1950. The recent renovation has kept the original wooden planking level. 

Info on the event

Timetable: from 7am to evening 
Entrance: free entry, à la carte menu
Organization: association Amici per San Gabriele
Info: Amici per San Gabriele
Ph. 0039 328 073321

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Info on the tourist location

URP - Public Relations Office


Address: Via Roma 76 - 40052 Baricella (BO)
Ph. +39 051 6622423 - 6622424

Fax +39 051 873399


Opening times:

Monday - Friday  8am-12.30pm
Saturday 8am-12pm


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