Frutti antichi


Ancient fruits exhibition market

"Frutti antichi" - leaflet of Flora 2000
"Frutti antichi" - leaflet of Flora 2000

Where: Budrio (BO), Garden Shop Flora2000 - Via Zenzalino Sud 19/a

When: 22/11/2013 -1/12/2013



Ancient fruits starring at Flora 2000 with an exhibition market. An occasion to get close to rare plants and fruits of the past, but also to admire the botanical collection of forgotten apples and make your purchase choosing throug hundred of rare varieties.


Among the old fruits you can find the biricoccolo, a natural hybrid between plum and apricot, historically present in our territory and used by our grandmothers to prepare a delicious jam, with a slightly sour taste.


Here you can find more than two hundred varieties of old fuit plants: from "pra volpina" (ancient pear) to "nespolo" (medlar), but also "pesca poppa di Venere" (a peach) and different types of apples as "mela Abbondanza" and "mela Annurca".


During the weekend possibility of tasting with "A piece of cake" based on cakes made according to recipes based on ancient fruits. A moment to enjoy the authentic flavour of specialties such as "mela limoncella" (type of apple) or "pera angelica" (type of pear).

Info on the event

Timetable: Monday-Sunday 9,00-13,00 and 15,00-19,00
Entrance: free entry, by appointment
Organization: Flora 2000 Garden Shop
Info: Flora 2000 Garden Shop

Ph. 0039 051 800406

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