Oasi fluviale del Molino Grande


Molino Grande river oasis

Dove: Via Tomasella - 40068 San Lazzaro di Savena (BO)

Oasi fluviale del Molino Grande - WWF©Michelucci
Oasi fluviale del Molino Grande - WWF©Michelucci


The Molino Grande oasis is located inside the Parco dei Gessi e dei Calanchi dell'Abbadessa (Park of Bolognese Gypsums and the Abbadessa Gullies) at Idice, 4 km from San Lazzaro di Savena, and consists of an hygrophilous grove along the Idice river, in the nearby of the ruins of an old watermill.


The oasis is a small protected area, but very representative of the surrounding river environment. It features a wetland, a small lake and a luxuriant section of forest where vegetation has grown free for over 20 years.


A path, about 2 km long, runs along the Idice river: a perfect place to spend some time in relax, between monumental trees and rare bird species like the bank swallow, the bee-eater and the kingfisher. The small lake is rich in biodiversity and hosts a rare species of water lily.




The oasis is run by San Lazzaro section of WWF Association, mainly for educational purposes.

Best seasons to visit the oasis are spring and autumn, to better appreciate the flowering and the nature colours.

The tour of the lake requires a guide, available on reservation.


How to get there

The entrance is located at the end of Via Tomasella of Idice locality (San Lazzaro di Savena)


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