Festa della Ninfa

Festa della Ninfa 2012 - Pro loco Mezzolara
Festa della Ninfa 2012 - Pro loco Mezzolara

Where: Parco Villa Rusconi - 40054 Mezzolara di Budrio (BO)

When: 25/5/2014


The event is inside the church that takes its name from the Madonna della Ninfa.


From 3,30 pm, at 5pm the mass in suffrage of the Counts Rusconi. During all the afternoon crescentine freshly made by the Pro site association up to 7pm. Possibility to eat even when seated.

Info on the event

Timetable: 15,30-19,00
Entrance: free entry
Organization: Pro loco Mezzolara
Info: Pro loco Mezzolara
Ph. 0039 333 5312882

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