Sagra del tortellone e della carne alla griglia


Tortellone and grilled meat festival

The restaurant of the event
The restaurant of the event

Where: Via Bagno, 6 - Locality of Padulle - 40010 Sala Bolognese (BO)

When: May 20-22 and 27-29, 2016



The event at Casa Largaiolli, a place surrounded by nature, away from the traffic, within the floodplain of the Reno river, is dedicated to ecology. The park offers plenty of space to make flying the kite, to make a walk or a bike ride along the river banks.


In the restaurant the volunteers serve traditional Bolognese dishes, such as "tortelloni" (hand made pasta with cheese and spinach filling), "tagliatelle" (hand made noodles), grilled meat, roasted pork, "fiorentine" steak.


Every evening and on Sunday from 15,30 "crescentine" (fried dumplings), "borlenghi" (very large, thin, crunchy pastry prepared with flour, egg, water and salt) and served with “pesto” (a mixture of bacon, lard, garlic and rosemary) and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.


Info on the event

Timetable: on Friday and Saturday restaurant open from 19,30; on Sunday also from 12,00 and "crescentine" from 15,00
Entrance: free entry, à la carte menu
Organization: volunteers of Protezione civile of Sala Bolognese
Info: volunteers of Protezione vivile
Ph. 0039 335 8166065

Info on the tourist location

City of Sala Bolognese - Culture Office (Ufficio Cultura)


Address: Piazza Guglielmo Marconi 1 - 40010 Sala Bolognese (BO)

Phone: +39 051 6822535 | 0516822531

Opening times:

Tuesday 9am-12pm

Thursday 3pm-7pm


Last update: 02-05-2016