Roghi delle Befane


Traditional burning of Befanas in Persiceto countryside

A creative straw puppet
A creative straw puppet

Where: San Matteo della Decima - 40017 San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO)

When: January 5 and 6, 2020

The burning of Befanas at the stake lights up the countryside around San Matteo della Decima (10 kilometres from San Giovanni in Persiceto) at sunset. 

About 10-meter high straw puppets representing the “Vècia” (Befana in Bologna dialect) burn around the town in front of a crowd crying “A brùsa la Vècia” (Burn the Befana)! 

According to tradition, children dressed-up as “fcén” (old men) use to go from house to house to offer gifts and recite “zirudelle” (rhyming poems in Bologna dialect) in exchange for a small culinary consideration. 

The initiative is made possible thanks to a group of private citizens that hosts the fires in their properties.

The origins of Befana, a kindly old woman who visits all the children throughout Italy the night before the Feast of Epiphany to fill their stockings with candies as well as presents, is closely linked with pagan folk traditions: The “Vècia” represents the “old” year because, once it has come to an end, it will be burnt. But right at the moment when the year ends, it is ready to be born again. That’s why people usually say “Epiphany takes all the feasts away”: after 6 January, farmers used to start sowing again in the hope of a good harvest. 

From this point of view, presents used to be of propitiatory value for the year to come.




Sunday January 5

12:00 I Befanini - Gara alla trota via Salicelli ang. via Fossetta
17:45 I befanari bucanieri Piazza delle Poste 9

18:00 La Befana dei bambini Famiglia Magoni - Via Samoggia Vecchia 1/F
18:00 La Befana dello sport via Arginino c/o Campo Sportivo
19:00 Serranzetti Simone e Nicolò Via Pironi 4
19.30 Famiglia Lanzi (Ex Campo sportivo Arginone) Via San Cristoforo 180
ore 21 Befana Sgarbi Via Calcina Nuova 120

Monday January 6

Ore 18 La Befana dei Ciocapiât Via Calcina Nuova (tratto ghiaiato dopo il Cavone)
Ore 19 I Pivén ft. “Dâg dal gâs” Via Bevilacqua (Famiglia Malaguti Pietro)

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