Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market di Castenaso
Farmer's Market di Castenaso

Where: Piazza Zapelloni, 40055 Castenaso (BO)

When: Saturday afternoon


A wide variety of locally grown foods, also organic, is available at the farmer's market of Castenaso: fruit and vegetables, milk, cheese and dairy products, jams and marmalades, honey, bread and baked goods, cold meats and many other things to be sold directly from producer to consumer.


The aim is to promote the rediscovery of the link with the territory and the reduction of transport costs, thereby respecting the environment. 


The initiative is organized by the Comune di Castenaso, in collaboration with Coldiretti Bologna, C.I.A. and Pro loco di Castenaso.

Info on the event

Timetable: every Saturday from 3Pm to 6PM, except during the Festival of the Grape (september)
Entrance: free
Organization: Assessorato alle Attività Produttive of the Comune di Castenaso, in collaboration with con Coldiretti Bologna and C.I.A.
Info: Ufficio Commercio
Ph. +39 051 6059258 - URP n. Verde 800 479595

How to get there
Info on the tourist location

URP - Public Relations Office


Address: Piazza Bassi 1 - 40055 Castenaso (BO)

Ph: 0039 051 60.59.243 | 248 | 298
Toll free number: 0039 800 479 595 


Opening times:

Mon, Wed and Fri 8am-1.30pm
Tue 8am-3pm
Thu 8am-1pm, 2pm-6pm



Last update: 30-08-2019