Birrificio Vecchia Orsa


Craft brewer

Where: Via Cristoforo Colombo, 5 - 40017 San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO)

Birrificio Vecchia Orsa logo
Birrificio Vecchia Orsa logo

This microbrewery was founded by a cooperative, fan of the craft beers but also with the dream of creating effective working opportunities for disabled people. The first production was in 2008 with the first "cotta" (the cooking of malt to produce the must). The beer is ready after a process of fermentation, aging and bottling long about 45 days.


The business is run by Roberto Poppi (educator who reinvents himself as a brewer) and Enrico Govoni (brewer). "Right now - says Roberto - the production is 300 hectoliters per year, but our aim is to produce 1000 hectoliters, have more employees to organize tastings and a wider opening timetable.


After the forced stop caused by the earthquake in May 2012 the craft brewer transferred in 2013 to a new and wider location in San Giovanni in Persiceto.


In order to keep the production, during the months of compulsorily closure a special beer has been "invented" to remind the earthquake that struck this area. It is the Blonde Ale produced in a factory outside and renamed for the occasion Magnitudo Blonde: citrus aroma of ripe fruit typical of Belgian yeast in a bottle of 75 cl. This new beer was on sale from August 20th 2012.


There is the Vecchia Orsa's catalogue:

  • Ideale: ale inspired by Belgian Blanche beers. 4,2 % Vol. - 50 cl.

  • Blonde: ale with fruity hints. Second place in the contest "Birra dell'anno" 2010 . 5,0 % Vol. - 50 e 75 cl.

  • Weisse: beer based on wheat. 5,0 % Vol. - 33 e 50 cl.

  • Saison: dry and fres ale. First in the contest Birra dell'anno" 2012 category "Birre speziate". 5,5 % Vol. - 33 e 75 cl.

  • Belgian: amber beer with a strong and fruity taste. Four stars in the Italy's beer guide SlowFood 2010-2011.  6,5 % Vol. - 33 e 75 cl.

  • Stout: dark beer with notes of coffee and liquorice. Fifth in the contest "Birra dell'anno" 2010 category "Alta fermentazione-Superiore a 19 plato". 8,0 % Vol. - 50 cl.

  • Bender: limited edition of beer produced for the Harvest Pub in Bologna (via Montello 4 a Bologna)


Timetable of the store: Monday to Saturday 4pm-8pm

Ph. 0039 051 981345

Cell. 335 5800255 - 339 8327210

How to get there
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Address: Via Persicetana - 40014 Crevalcore (BO)

Ph: 0039 051 988443 - 051 988435 - 051 988438

Fax: 0039 051 988459

Opening times:
Mon, Wed and Fri 8.30am – 12.30pm
Tue 8.30am-12.30pm, 5pm-7pm
Thu 5pm-7pm
Sat 9am-12pm

Closed in the afternoon during July and August



Last update: 10-09-2019