Pasticceria Dino dal 1963


A historical pastry shop

Where: Via Nasica, 85 - 40055 Castenaso (BO)

Fruit cake - Pasticceria Dino
Fruit cake - Pasticceria Dino

The company was founded in 1963 by Dino Pirini in Castenaso, initially supported by four employees. Since the beginning the pastry shop meets the tastes of its customers so that both production and workers rose steadily.

In 1972 the premises were completely renovated and expanded, in 1984 there is a further extension with renovation. In 1994 the opening of the workshop specializing in making chocolate.


In September 2001 another Pasticceria Dino was born in Casalecchio. It's a cozy and roomy premises, where you can find the same products and its specialites.


Several times a day the Pasticceria Dino bakes sweet and savory pastries, pizza, calzoni. Here you can find a vast assortment of pastries, desserts and cakes: fruits cake, puff pastry, cold dessert (chocolate, coffee, lemon desserts, "tiramisù").

In evidence is the assortment of Easter eggs and - at Christmas - "panettoni" e "pandori" (leavened cakes) and the "certosino" typical from Bologna (cake with candied fruit and almonds).


In 1997 the pastry shop was awarded the Premio Mercanzia from the Bologna's Chamber of Commerce.


Pastry shop of Castenaso: Via Nasica, 85

Timetable: 6-20 from Monday to Sunday

Ph. 0039 051 6050126


Pastry shop of Casalecchio di Reno: Via Marconi, 101

Timetable: 6-20 from Monday to Sunday, closed on Tuesady

Ph. 0039 051 6130381


Pastry shop of Castel Guelfo: Via San Carlo, 10

Timetable:6-20 from Monday to Sunday, Wednesday 6,30-14

Ph. 0039 0542 670658 

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Address: Piazza Bassi 1 - 40055 Castenaso (BO)

Ph: 0039 051 60.59.243 | 248 | 298
Toll free number: 0039 800 479 595 


Opening times:

Mon, Wed and Fri 8am-1.30pm
Tue 8am-3pm
Thu 8am-1pm, 2pm-6pm



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