Sagra dell'ortica


Nettle festival

Nettle tortellini
Nettle tortellini

Where: Piazza Primo Carlini 1 - 40051 Malalbergo (BO)

When: August 29-31, September 1, 5-8 2019

The flavour of the stinging nettle, similar to spinach and cucumber when cooked, is the tasty protagonist of "Sagra dell'ortica" (the Nettle festival), a classic end-of-summer event in Malalbergo.

In the town historical center, experienced volunteer cooks prepare tasty dishes in the food stand (opens every night at 19,00, and also for lunch on Sunday). The menu includes green tortellini and other nettle-based fresh pasta specialties as gramigna, lasagne, tagliatelle and tortelloni. Plus risotto with asparagus and, of course, nettle.

While the nettle plant is well known for its stinging hairs, most people may not be aware that a little cooking dissolves the stings allowing the plant to release its many nutritional properties and to become an ingredient for delicious dishes.

On the last night of the event (September 3) there will be the traditional fireworks.

The complete programme is to be defined.

Info on the event

Timetable: food stand on thursday, friday and saturday evening (from 7pm). Sunday also for lunch
Entrance: free entry, a la carte menu
Organization: Amici dell'Ortica association
Info: Amici dell'Ortica association

Ph: 0039 349 5669825

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Address: Piazza Unità d'Italia 2 - 40051 Malalbergo

Ph: +39 051 6620210 

Fax: +39 051 6620243


Opening times

Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat 8.30am-12.30pm

Thu 2.30pm-5.45pm



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