Caseificio Olmi e Centomo


Sale of dairy products

Where: Via Emilia, 295 - 40011 Anzola dell'Emilia (BO)

The diary products - Caseificio Olmi e Centomo
The diary products - Caseificio Olmi e Centomo

The dairy was founded in 1975 by spouses Sergio Olmi and Maria Centomo. The farm selects raw materials and it aims to continous improvement of manufacturing technology process for medium-aged cheeses and dairy products.


The dairy products are: Squacquero della Cartara (fresh cheese with a sweet taste that stands out for its creamy texture, made from pasteurized whole cow's milk); Stracchino ("crescenza" with a delicate and creamy flavour made from pasteurized whole cow's milk with the addition of milk enzymes); Cagliata del nonno Sergio (soft, dietetic and easily digestible cheese with cow's milk and salt); Caciotta tenera (obtained from the processing of pasteurized whole cow's milk and a natural aging of about 8 days); Caciotta mista rossa (sweet cheese made of cow's and sheeps's milk with white and soft paste, with a seasoning from 40/60 days); Caciotta mista scodellata (cheese with a sweet taste made of soft and white paste, made from milk of cow and sheep with a seasoning from 20/40 days); Caciotta l'Emiliana (obtained from pasteurized whole cow's milk with a natural seasoning of about 20 days); Marzolino (caciotta cheese produced with cow's and sheep's milk, seasoned with a 20/40 days); Ricotta mista di siero (produced from the serum of cow's and sheep's dairy); Ricotta di latte (produced with cream, serum and cow's and sheep's milk, characterized by smooth texture); Burro (butter); Leggerelle ("tigella" bread: a round  small bread originally baked in heated stones); Latte crudo fresco (fresh raw milk)



Shop opening hours: from Monday to Saturday 7am-1pm and 3pm-7pm

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