Cappella del Centro Protesi di Vigorso


Chapel of the Prosthesis Centre of Vigorso

Where: Via Rabuina, 14 - 40054 Budrio (BO)

Franchini-Malamini Organ, chapel of Centro Protesi di Vigorso - Inail (Budrio)
Franchini-Malamini Organ, chapel of Centro Protesi di Vigorso - Inail (Budrio)

The chapel is located in the Centro Protesi of Vigorso  (7 kms from Budrio), a complex renovated around 1953-1959 by the sculptor Angelo Biancini. The stained glass windows that illuminate the apse were designed by the painter Lorenzo Micheli Gigotti.


In this small chapel is preserved the organ built by Raffaele Franchini in 1861 for the Church of San Marco di Budrio, using a core of material dating to the sixteenth century attributed to Baldassarre Malamini. Following the restoration, the small organ was finally located here, along with expressions of contemporary art such as glass, ceramics, graffiti, bas-reliefs, officially inventoried in 1959.


The history of the structure - including the chapel made of reinforced concrete - dates back to 1943, when Inail bought Villa Zanardi from the Opera Pia Ricovero Ospedale of Budrio maintaining, initially, the function of a convalescent home.


During the last period of World War II, the building was used temporarily by the Orthopaedic Trauma Centre of Bologna.


In the early 50s the building repossessed by Inail: at first intended to Functional Rehabilitation Centre and, from 1959, for Orthopaedic workshop, inaugurated officially in 1961 at the instigation of technical director of the workshop prof. Hannes Schmidl. 


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