Ocarina-shaped fresh pasta

Potato from Bologna - Provincia di Bologna (foto di Paolo Barone)
Potato from Bologna - Provincia di Bologna (foto di Paolo Barone)

The ocarotto is a new kind of pasta in the shape of the Ocarina musical instrument, an invention by the local association Pro loco from Budrio.


The ocarotti are served  on the menu of Budrio's food stalls at events such as “Agribù” and “Primaveranda”.


“The ocarotti were invented in 2007 for the biennal festival of ocarina", explains Leda Carisi, vice president of the local association Pro loco and responsible of the kitchens set up for local events. The filling is based of fresh ricotta cheese made by a local producer, potatoes from Bologna and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. A special steel mold has been made to cut the pieces of pasta in the shape of ocarina, which serve to enclose the filling in a chest of fresh pasta.

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