Apicoltura Cazzola


Beekeeping that produces whole virgin honey

Where: Via Canaletto, 15 - 40051 Malalbergo (BO)

Honeys by Apicoltura Cazzola - Altedo di Malalbergo
Honeys by Apicoltura Cazzola - Altedo di Malalbergo

Nineteen different types of honey produced by a farm from Altedo, at 7 kms. from Malalbergo. This farm has made itself known for its excellence and has won many awards in the annual competition "Grandi mieli d'Italia" (Great honeys from Italy). In the catalog there are honeys from pine, acacia, citrus, high mountain, chestnut, cherry, corbezzolo, alfalfa, heather, eucalyptus, sunflower, lavender, honeydew honey, wildflower, rhododendron, rosmary, dandelion, lime blossom.


The honey is presented in cans ranging from the smallest (125 gramms) up to the two pounds, with intermediate sizes of 400 and 600 grams.


It all starts when Fabrizio and Pierpaolo Cazzola buy three hives to pollinate the orchards of the "Azienda agricola Giardino" farm  and also to put into practise their student years of beekeeping. Today, with more than 200 hives, the Cazzola brothers go on along the same path.

Family and friends appreciate the result of their efforts. Over the years this small circle widens and those who taste the products feel the same joyful pleasure  of rediscovering a pure taste. Their secret? "Never change what nature has already produced so perfectly".


The Cazzola's beekeeping farm adopts a natural process of honey production to obtain whole virgin honey. Once the bees have stored it in the hive, the honey is extracted through centrifugation and, after decanting in the maturation containers, is put into jars. With the lowering of the temperature, depending on the different botanical origin, the honey becomes darkest and tends to crystallize.


Apicoltura Cazzola c/o Azienda agricola Giardino

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