Primo maggio a Malacappa


Labour day in Malacappa

The village of Malacappa seen from above
The village of Malacappa seen from above

Where: Locality of Malacappa - 40050 Argelato (BO)
April 30 and May 1, 2018



A celebration of the Labour day with entertainment, music, street market, food stall and the traditional tractor's parade in the village wedged by the banks of the Reno river. 


In this place the time seems to stand still. Everything is still as in the past: the houses, the bar with old folks, the "trattoria". People are quiet, everybody knows each other and greets cordially.




Saturday, April 30


6.30PM: Meeting at the ARCI club and start (5.30PM) of the "12nd Walk of the Borgo" (lenght of the itinerary: choice between 3 km and 7 km);


Sunday, May 1

Locality Casadio

9AM: tractors meeting, Holy Mass and blessing of the farm machinery. Later, tractors parade to Malacappa;



11AM: arrival in Malacappa and aperitif with the tractor drivers;



3PM: start of the "1st of May's bike tour" from Conad supermarket parking in locality Funo, organized by Funo ARCI Club;


3:30PM: opening of the food stand with traditional crescentine  (fried dough) and wine;



5:30PM: Martial Arts exhibition 

Info on the event

Timetable: see programme
Entrance: free entry
Organizer: Pro loco di Argelato in collaboration with Circolo Arci Malacappa, Arci Funo, Parrocchia di Casadio, Centro sociale Funo, Comitato Casadio e Malacappa
Info: Comune di Argelato
Ph.  0039 051 6634624

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