Augusto Majani


Painter and caricaturist from Budrio

Self caricature by Augusto Majani - Comune di Budrio
Self caricature by Augusto Majani - Comune di Budrio

Augusto Majani (Budrio, January 30 1867- January 8 1959) is a painter, caricaturist and illustrator. He was born into a family of producers and dealers of pasta. After following mathematics studies, for which he shows no particular predisposition, in 1883 he enrolled at the Accademia di Belle Arti (Fine Arts Academy) of Bologna.


Majani is a multifaced artist: popular illustrator and newspaper's caricaturist  of the Belle Époque's life from Bologna under the pseudonym of Nasìca, he is also a great pointilist and symbolist  painter, appreciated by the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio.


After a stage in Rome, he returned to Budrio in 1893 and he becomes engaged with the painter and model Olga Lugaresi, who will become his wife.


In 1905 he obatined the chair of Figure Drawing, which is followed by an assignment to teach painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna (1924 to 1937). Majani can than devote more space to painting. The contacts with the publishing industry remain secure. Until the mid-thirties Majani works with Zanichelli, Mondadori and many newspapers.


He paints portraits of Giuseppe Garibaldi and of the fellow citizen Quirico Filopanti. He draws the illustrations of the poem  La Secchia rapita (The kidnapped bucket) by AlessandroTassoni.


In 1937 he retires and he moved to live in Casalecchio di Reno. In 1950 he went to live in Buttrio, in the Friuli region, near his daughter Franca. On November 29 1958 his wife died. He died a little over a month afer her death.


Majani is buried in Budrio together with his wife.

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