Chiesa dell'Arte


School of plastic arts

Where: Via Gramsci, 315 - 40010 Sala Bolognese (BO)

Sculptures of the workshop - Chiesa dell'Arte
Sculptures of the workshop - Chiesa dell'Arte

The "Chiesa dell'Arte" (Church of Art) is the first school of plastic arts led by a blind sculptor, Felice Tagliaferri.


One of Chiesa dell'Arte's primary targets is to organize courses for all the people who'd like to approach all kinds of diversity through art: disabled and their families, students, seniors, social operators and so on.


Workshops and courses are personalised according to the demands of people attending them.


Chiesa dell'Arte is located in a deconsecrated chapel in the garden of the magnificent ancient Villa Terracini in Sala Bolognese, a village a few miles outside Bologna, Italy.


The municipality remodeled the former ecclesiastical edifice especially for this purpose, with the financial contribution of "Fondazione Carisbo". The project was also supported by "Lo Spirito di Stella", an NGO chaired by sailboater Andrea Stella, who backed up his friend Felice in this matchless initiative.


Chiesa dell'Arte is also the place where the artist's sculptures are displayed.



Tel. 0039 331 6932410

Info on the tourist location

City of Sala Bolognese - Culture Office (Ufficio Cultura)


Address: Piazza Guglielmo Marconi 1 - 40010 Sala Bolognese (BO)

Phone: +39 051 6822535 | 0516822531

Opening times:

Tuesday 9am-12pm

Thursday 3pm-7pm


Last update: 09-09-2019