Palazzo del Vignola


Palace of Vignola (or Palace of the Death)

Where: Via Funo, 41 - 40050 Argelato (BO)

Palace of  Vignola - Tonino Lamborghini (Photo by Caterina Gazzotti)
Palace of Vignola - Tonino Lamborghini (Photo by Caterina Gazzotti)

Located at 20 minutes from Bologna there is a huge villa built in the 16th century by Jacopo Barozzi called “Il Vignola”, one of the most famous architects of the Italian Renaissance.


Palazzo del Vignola was the country home of the Counts Fava, a noble family extinguished around 1614 with the death of Galeazzo Fava.

The main hall is characterized by a special loggia, with a very high arched ceiling, which reaches about 11 meters in its highest point. All the rooms have ribbed vaults, which remind the typical Middle-Ages cathedrals. The Palazzo del Vignola is also embellished by some vestiges of the Carracci's frescoes, which testify the historical value of this residence.

Today its elegant rooms are back to life thanks to the passionate restoration taken by an important company for the Italian style and design: Tonino Lamborghini.


There are more than 1.500 mq on two floors with two wide halls and seven rooms of various sizes. The building is suitable to meetings, conferences, marriage parties, commercials, fashion shows and galas. The Lamborghini company offers solutions for the following facilities: catering, musical entertainment, theatrical performance, pyrotechnics, car park with attendants, flower decorations, interpreters.


The definition of Palace of the Death ( Palazzo della Morte ) comes from the fact that the property in the 18th century passed to the Confraternity of Saint Mary of the Death: a religious and hospital structure, dedicated to the relief of the sick and of those sentenced to death.


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