Palazzo Bolognetti


Typical farm complex

Where: Strada provinciale 4 - 40018 San Pietro in Casale (BO)

Palazzo Bolognetti in Maccaretolo
Palazzo Bolognetti in Maccaretolo

In the hamlet of Maccaretolo, on the west side of the way to Galliera (Strada provinciale 4) you can find Palazzo Bolognetti, a simple and elegant 19th century palace. Always at Maccaretolo you can see the rebuilt church of Sant'Agnese (1818).


The palace has been projected as a typical farm complex in closed court, dominated by a slender tower that stands at  the centre of the facade. The current look dates back to the 19th century, when the building was used by the  landowner as a summer residence and sales centre of the agricultural production.


The palace is already in the ancient maps of the 18th century, surronded by a moat with a drawbridge.


The palace is a private property.



Temporarily closed for renovations


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