Porta Cento


Where: Via Garibaldi - 40066 Pieve di Cento (BO)

Porta Cento - Comune di Pieve di Cento
Porta Cento - Comune di Pieve di Cento

To the west of the town, the end of Via Garibaldi, you can see Porta Cento. It is the first to be built of masonry (1337), replacing the previous wooden structure. Gone largely destroyed in a fire, it was rebuilt in the 18th century in its present form.


At least since the 13th century Pieve was surrounded by a moat and a rampart fortified with stockade, with four gates (originally wooden) for use by the armed towers.


The ditch and embankment were dismantled at the end of the last century. The doors, however, have changed over time and they are still guarding the entrances to the city.


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